Hot Stones Therapy

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What is a Hot Stones Therapy?

A delicate blend of massage, energy and restoration, this full body delight utilises the power found in heated basalt stones for the ultimate bodily indulgence. Excellent for those wanting to revitalise tired limbs, detoxify and re-energise. It can be used in combination with light massage to further enhance general relaxation, reduce stress and locally aid muscles relaxation, making the massage even more effective.

Benefits of Hot Stones Therapy:

This massage combines the benefits of massage with volcanic stones and the specific characteristics of basalt. It restores the harmony of body and mind, causing the flow of positive energy. It is a very relaxing treatment, helping to achieve a feeling of calm and relaxation, reduced stress, fatigue, reduced muscle tension, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, increased metabolism, and helps to improve the efficiency of the psycho-physical body.


Stone Therapy are much the same as with traditional manual massage, except that there is the additional consideration of heat. High blood pressure and circulatory disorders, as the temperature of the stones may need to be adjusted. Hot stones therapy treatment would naturally be inappropriate with for clients with skin with for clients with skin which is intolerant to heat, or very sensitive skin/ skin prone to prickly heat/ clients with nerve damage/loss of tactile sensation. Use the same healthy and safety/ethical considerations as you would do for other body massage treatments, but remember the additional effects of the heat will change the dimension of the treatment.

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