Anti Cellulite Massage Nottingham

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Anti Cellulite Massage Nottingham

Price £30

5 x 30 min for £125

What is an Anti Cellulite Massage?

This massage is customized to the client, depending on its weight and the category in which it is located and there are two:

First Women, who in a short time gained many pounds.
Second Women who remain in the same weight.

Will determine how many treatments are needed for the client so you can see the effects, but also as important to eat healthily and lead as well as active lifestyle. This is one of the strongest massages can be painful for the client, may occur after the bruises and especially at the beginning of treatment.

Benefits of Anti Cellulite Massage

Sculpt the figure, raise your buttocks, relax the body, remove toxins from the body, remove the swelling, the pain is relieved, unblock energy flow, to remove cellulite.


High fever, cancer, tuberculosis, arthritis, skin disorders (eczema, allergies, varicose veins). Weak, or spider veins in areas undergoing a massage, skin damage bleeding disorder.