Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian Head Massage?

According to the ancient theory of the seven chakras. Indian head massage is considered a method of cleansing and healing. The head, more than other body parts, represents our identity. It is the centre of our nervous system. If our head is fine, we feel good – as the Indians say.

“Almost every mother in the Indian subcontinent has practices scalp massage, which has become both a customary and integral part of her family life.”

Indian head massage is great for relieving the stress and tension in our everyday lives. The technique uses controlled movements and has a strong effect on the three higher chakras – the mind, body, and spirit. The chakra is the energy vortex that we need to remain striving and because the massage works on the neck and shoulders, tension is relieved almost instantly.

What is an Indian head massage good for?

Energetic aspect of head massage. Considering the energy centres in the body – the chakras, i.e. places where many energy channels are crossed, the so-called Nadi.

During the Indian head massage, we must focus on two chakras: the crown – located slightly above the top of the head, the third eye – located on the forehead, slightly above the eyebrows


How is an Indian head massage performed?

Experience massage therapist knows that, very important during the therapy is atmosphere, our hands and appropriate outfit. The atmosphere – is a very important element of the treatment. Although Indian head massage can be performed everywhere, but more effective and relaxing for the whole body and mood will be in massage parlous. Music, which should be quiet and soothing, plays an important role here. Also, our hands should be warm and smooth. Without a watch, decorations and jewellery, everything is to facilitate the massage person’s relaxation.

Indian head massage movements

Head massage Indian is one of the treatments where it focuses on acupressure points along the head, shoulders and neck. Head massage techniques used for this treatment are stroking, rubbing and patting. Usually, the therapist doesn’t use oil, but can do if requested. Common question what oil is used for Indian head massage ? Every single therapist use different oils, some of using almond or coconut oil which are the most popular. In my opinion it is far more beneficial for skin and hair health to have oil incorporated within the therapy. Experience massage therapist knows how to do Indian head massage.

What are the benefits of a head massage?

Benefits of Indian head massage – relaxation, relieve eye strain, relieve insomnia, ease headaches and migraine, improve and tones facial muscles, stimulate the hair and scalp, help localized blood and lymphatic circulation, boost the immune system, restore joint movement, relieve sinusitis, reduce stress, release anxiety, feel energized, improve health condition, rid of neck and shoulders pain, improve physical and mental health.

Advantages & disadvantages of head massage

Medical disadvantages – Contagious or infectious diseases, scalp infections, dysfunction of nervous system (Meningitis, Inflammation of the Brain). Fever, head lice, conjunctivitis, sycosis barbae, undiagnosed lumps and bumps. Cervical spondylitis
, adhesive capsulitis, bells palsy, tinnitus, 
earache, recent neck injury, severe bruising in treatment area, recent haemorrhage (especially brain), arthritis/osteoporosis in treatment area.

Advantages – the massage would be recommended for people stressed and with depression. Also, for people suffering from headaches and migraines. As well as for people working at the computer, still sitting in one position.

Side effects of Indian Head Massage

  • Tiredness,
  • aching muscles,
  • light headache.

These side effects usually last for no more than a couple of hours, after which customers generally experience increased energy and alertness.

Indian head massage prices in Nottingham

The prices for this massage starts from £30. Massage Therapy Nottingham offer £30 per 30min. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me direct by email, call or text message.

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