Myoplastic Facial Massage


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Nowadays, the current problem in aesthetics is the fight against changes in our face, neck, and cleavage as a result of the ageing process. Improving the appearance does not necessarily lead to plastic surgery or invasive cosmetic procedures. Removing wrinkles, firming the skin of the face or its rejuvenation can be achieved through natural and non-invasive treatments. What I will write about in this article.

Myoplastic facial is an alternative, natural and non-invasive method that is comparable to plastic correction in terms of effectiveness. It is also much safer than plastic surgeries, which are much more expensive and carry a risk of complications and require convalescence.

How does myoplastic massage work?

The myoplastic face massage is an original and one of the techniques of manual work with the face of Dr. Sergey Shchurevich. The technique works like an intense fitness routine that focuses primarily on the muscular corset of the face, neck, and cleavage.

The main purpose of the massage is to remove muscle tension, the surrounding tissues, restore the proper blood supply and nervous trophic, and shape the face oval.

Face modeling – improves skin elasticity

The myoplastic massage is a massage of the musculoskeletal system that shapes the tissues, also referred to as a “magic lift”. In a very short time, improves the condition of the muscles and condition of our face, eliminating wrinkles, tension, improving skin elasticity and the shape of the oval of the face, reducing the depth of the expression lines.

Face massage techniques

Massage techniques based on deep kneading, stroking movements, performed at a rapid pace and in the right direction to achieve a lifting effect. The intensive method of massage, in addition to slowing down the signs of ageing, will be perfect as a stage of pre-plastic preparation and post-injury rehabilitation. In this way, it helps the soft tissues of the face to regenerate effectively and faster. However, the technique, despite the fast pace of performance, puts the client in a state of deep relaxation.

Myoplastic massage of the face, neck, and cleavage

The main purpose of the massage is to correct degenerative and age changes in the facial tissues of the neck and cleavage. Myoplastic facial can be performed even in young age in order to prevent signs of ageing. In order to obtain high results, this procedure should be treated as going to the gym, which we visit at least once a week.

How long does myoplastic facial massage take?

During this treatment, the massage therapist or cosmetologist prepares our face for intense and deep kneading, this process called adaptation. Facial massage performed in the right direction, starting from the cleavage and gradually moving up the neck, lower jaw, cheeks, and ending with the forehead. Myoplastic massage takes around 60 minutes.

Recommendations for massage:

  • Gravitational type of facial tissue ageing,
  • facial asymmetries,
  • facial muscular tension of the neck and cleavage,
  • lipo-dystrophic changes in the lower part of the face,
  • swelling, dark circles and drooping of the eyelid skin,
  • for post-injury rehabilitation,
  • used after plastic surgery,
  • rehabilitation of paresis and paralysis of facial muscles,
  • teeth grinding(bruxism),
  • pre-plastic preparation stage.

Massage cannot be performed if:

  • Inflammatory conditions of the skin,
  • fresh injuries and surgical scars,
  • cancer,
  • highly vascular skin,
  • diseases of the respiratory system, ENT diseases in an advanced stage,
  • blood clotting disorders.

Myoplastic facial massage allows you to combine it with other anti-ageing treatments if certain recommendations followed:

  • Mesotherapy or biorevitalization – after 2 weeks,
  • fillers – after a month,
  • Botox – after 2 months,
  • mononites (polylactic acid) after 1.5 months,
  • RF lifting – after a month,
  • chemical peelings—after a month,
  • thread lifting – after 3 months,
  • plastic surgery – after 6 months.

Is it worth using myoplastic facial massage?

Every woman who cares about her appearance should go to a myoplastic massage to regenerate and relieve tension from the facial muscles. Thanks to such treatment, our skin will become supple and nourished, which will certainly improve our appearance, and the effects will be noticeable after the first treatment. It is an increasingly popular rejuvenating and beautifying treatment. The Japanese Kobido facial massage is also worth recommending.

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