Bamboo Massage Nottingham

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Hands massaging female legs with Bamboo Massage Nottingham

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5 x 60 min for £150

5 x 30 min for £100

What is a bamboo massage?

Bamboo massage is a contemporary relaxation technique based on oriental massage techniques, in addition to the basic manual techniques, bamboo sticks and broomsticks and reflective elements are used. Bamboo massage techniques (kneading, rolling, sliding, biting, gluing) are used for relaxation, healing, drainage and lifting. This treatment is safe for allergy sufferers – bamboo does not cause allergic reactions and is bactericidal.

Benefits of Bamboo Massage

Has a deep relaxing and silent effect , improves circulation of blood and lymph. Supports proper oxygenation of all cells of the body , it perfectly nourishes and regenerates the skin, it also helps in fighting cellulite, model thighs, buttocks and waist, has drainage effect, Apply it in a face-lifting facial massage, adds energy, stimulates action, positive effects of massage stay up to two weeks after surgery, reduces muscle tension, reaches deep tissues, it promotes effective rest.

Contradictions of Bamboo Massage

  • Skin diseases,
  • discontinuity of the skin,
  • acute inflammation (irrespective of localization),
  • varicose veins,
  • haemorrhages and prone to their occurrence,
  • cancer and pregnancy.