Sport Massage

What is a Sport Massage?

This therapy has an increasing profile in sports medicine. A massage sports therapy, that we do on tight muscle group or targeted on a single muscle. The task of this procedure is to restore weight and strength of weak muscle, without burdening the body with physical exercises. It incorporates deep tissue and soft tissue manipulation. The main techniques of sports therapy massage are stroking, rubbing, kneading, dithering and functional methods. Sports massage benefits all kinds of athletes, from elite swimmers, cyclists and footballers, to recreational golfers, joggers, and weekend soccer warriors. Sports massage therapy utilises deep tissue remedial massages techniques, that firstly relax and warm the muscles, rid them of the knots and lengthen them. That works specifically with sporting injuries and ailments. Most active people who come in for treatment, do so to recover from injuries sustained during exercise.

Why should I get a sports massage ?

University of Nottingham sports recreation grounds offers a lot of different places where we can train and play sports. Physical activity is associated with injuries that cause pain. In achieving your goals and improving your physical condition, it is crucial to properly prepare your body for the excessive effort. Everyone should warm up their muscles properly by stretching, this should last a minimum of 10 minutes. This will prevent injury and improve our performance. A common sight when watching football matches, we can see therapists performing remedial massage to support muscle work and performance, and reduce pain. Sport massage therapy helps our body. We get a lot of benefits such as improving muscle recovery from injuries, which in turn improves our musculoskeletal mobility.

What is the difference between sports and deep tissue massage?

Sports massage treatments focuses on chronic and minor injuries. Sport massage therapist is focusing to improving our customer posture, usually are using more difference techniques. Including stretching to help loose muscle fibre, as well as realign. Objective key is releasing tightness, as muscles around the joints are more loosen up , what increases the joints range of motion. Prevent injuries, improve performance. Deep tissue massage is focuses on firm pressure to get into body’s deeper muscle tissue, reduce stiffness and muscle tension. Starts gentle to warm the muscle, but ramps up during the treatment. Experience therapist may spend more time on specific muscles area to rid of upper back, shoulders blade knocks, calm down the muscles, boost circulation. This therapy can be troublesome at time, due to pressing power, but you should tell your therapist if it become painful.

Do sports massage hurt?

These is common question which is often asked by customers. Each person feels a deep tissue massage differently, depends of muscles condition, tight of muscles, also on the pain threshold. This range of treatments are use to help with chronic pains which effective our life. Each qualified sports massage therapist should approach to clients individual on appointment. Take the time to check health medical history, then recommend specific treatments e.g sport injury massage or even acupuncture.

What does a sports massage do – benefits

– Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
– Encourage scar tissue to form in the correct direction
– Improves tissue length and quality
– Aids the removal of waste products from the muscles
– Assists in mental/physical preparation for an event
– Reduces tightness and pressure in muscles and joints.

Massage therapists advice to all people like runners, who are preparing for marathons in Nottingham. Also athletes, cyclists, fighters, swimmers etc for using a professional remedial massage. If you are looking for sports massage near me just contact with experience staff at MTN.


Cancer, Haemophilia, Heart Attack, Fever, Pregnancy, Blood Clots, Diabetes, Varicose veins, Osteoarthritis, Broken bones, Skin infections, Open Wounds.

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