Back Pain

Lower back pain

Many of us felt upper or lower back pain which is usually associated with the work we do. People sitting most of the time, in the office or spending hours behind the wheel in the car, returning home, again sitting and spending time in front of the TV, laptop or book. Unfortunately, without movement and physical activity such as running in the Wollaton Park or doing exercises in Nottingham City Leisure Centre, back pain will be deeper and recurrent.

However, another cause of a backache is bad posture, slouching, even a badly arranged chair that causes an incorrect posture and can cause neck pain.

Methods of sorting the problems with back pain

• exercises at the gym, such as stretching, help us to strengthen the muscles responsible for prying the spine in the right position
• correctly set chair at work that will not cause incorrect posture
• regular movements, let’s get up every hour and let’s get to help muscles in the spine.
• diet is another thing that helps in the fight against back pain because overweight also burden our back
• regular therapeutic massages in Nottingham such as sports massage, shiatsu, classical massage, cupping therapy etc. will help not only with lower or upper back pain. It’s one of the best methods to rid of the tensions, knots, improves blood circulation, our immune system also our posture.

Instead of taking painkillers that mask the pain and not healing the causes, talk to your family doctor or massage therapist and ask him what in your case could help to reduce or get rid of troublesome relapsing pains.