Benefits of Aromatherapy

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What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy – fragrance treatment. However, it does not reflect the essence of aromatherapy. It is not about fragrance treatment at all but the use of fragrant, volatile substances produced by plants – essential oils. These substances are a great mystery of nature. Some contain up to several hundred ingredients, many of which are still unknown. They circulate in plants, causing energy circulation, protect plants from pests and attract those insects that are useful to her. These are just examples of the unexplained role of oils in plant life. The world of smells surrounds us from everywhere and without a break. Dozens of stimuli reach our olfactory cells at all times, of which we consciously recognize very little. Nature has always assigned fragrances a very important role in the life of every organism for primitive man and modern animals, the sense of smell is a way of finding food, warning about danger, determining the area of ​​residence, etc. Modern civilization no longer requires us to use the sense of smell to such a large extent.

Does Aromatherapy Really Work?

People ask the question, ‘how does Aromatherapy work?’. It is a method of affecting the body with the help of natural aromatherapy oils (e.g tea tree, lavender), introduced into the body through the respiratory tract, sniffing, inhalation and through the skin, massage, compress and or in the bath. In both cases, the components of the oil get into the circulatory system unchanged, i.e. in the way in which they occur in nature. Administration of oils orally, exposes them to the action of the digestive system, i.e. from a series of chemical processes that change the composition of the oil, i.e. to some extent change its properties. Essential oil in oral preparations are used in homeopathy, which can be used in parallel with aromatherapy.
The smell of oils occurs with all aromatherapy methods, which is why oils first affect the body’s sense of smell. Olfactory stimuli arise as a result of the contact of fragrances with the receptors on the olfactory eyelashes through the olfactory bulb, the impulses go to the brain. The olfactory system is extremely sensitive and transfers the received impulses to the brain the fastest. Hence, reactions to the smells of oils, most often in the mental sphere, are strong and very fast. Therefore, good effects to improve health are obtained with mental disorders by using oils in aromatherapy fireplaces.

What is aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy oils massage is another form of holistic treatments, in that it works towards physical and emotional effects. This is a deeply relaxing massage that warms and eases tired and aching muscles, offering a feeling of release. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in holistic treatments. Essential oils that are extracted from plants are said to possess unique therapeutic benefits. Evidence shows us Aromatherapy treatment improve our general health, anxiety, reduce pain etc. Aromatherapist knows which oil products should be use.

What are essential oils

Essential oils were well known in antiquity, 3000 years BC. Already then, their anti-microbial (embalming mummy), therapeutic, analgesic, relaxing and antiseptic (epidemics, plagues, ) were used.

Modern knowledge indicates that many successes of past and present quacks or sorcerers can be fully understood and justified on the basis of knowledge of the properties of essential oils, whose features and ingredients are known only today.

The creator of the term aromatherapy was the French Chemist Gatefosse, who researched essential oils as potential cosmetics ingredients and then during World War I used effectiveness to disinfecting and wound healing properties. That is how the huge development of modern aromatherapy in France and later around the world began.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Skin to breathe easier, improves the excretory function of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, increases blood circulation and lymph vessels of the skin, tones and gives the colour the skin, increases the ability of muscles to work, increases flexibility and strength of tendons facilitates the outflow of venous blood, and the effects the peripheral centers nervous system.

It should always be remembered that aromatherapy cannot replace natural medicine in its classic treatment of diseases. It is primarily a preventive, supportive, complementary method, a way to maintain good mental and physical condition, alleviate daily ailments and make life more enjoyable.

Firstly, try to find professional, registered aromatherapist in your area , create some time for wellbeing, to reduce stress, care ofyour body and mind.

Treatment time

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