Transbuccal Massage


Benefits of transbuccal massage:

  • Deep Muscle Stimulation
  • Lifting Effect
  • Improved Circulation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Swelling and Puffiness Reduction
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity
  • Reduction of Facial Tension
  • Radiant Complexion
  • Non-Invasive Rejuvenation
  • Headache Relief
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Transbuccal massage, created by Dr. Serge Shchurevich, is a modern technique in the field of cosmetology that can offer numerous benefits to the appearance and condition of facial skin. Also known as intra-facial massage, it is a rather unique technique developed for deep stimulation of the facial muscles. Through this method, it’s possible to reach muscle layers that are hard to access with traditional massage techniques.

How is the Transbuccal Massage performed?

During the massage, the therapist puts on disposable gloves and gently massages the inner side of the patient’s cheeks, while also performing the massage externally. This allows working on the muscles from both sides simultaneously.

Transbuccal massage can be performed as a standalone procedure, but it is often combined with other cosmetic procedures for optimal results.

Causes of muscle tension:

  • Facial habits: Our daily facial expressions, such as frowning, smiling, or squinting, can lead to chronic tension in certain muscle groups. Persistent habits can lead to muscle tension and the formation of expression wrinkles.
  • Stress: Under stress, the body releases hormones like cortisol, which can cause muscle contraction and tension.
  • Bruxism: Grinding teeth or clenching the jaw during sleep can lead to tension in the jaw and temporal muscles, affecting the overall tension of the facial muscles.
  • Trauma: Injuries or accidents can cause local muscle tension and discomfort.

Benefits of transbuccal massage:

  • Lifting effect: Transbuccal massage provides deep stimulation to facial muscles, especially those responsible for its contours. As a result of this stimulation, these muscles become more active and toned, leading to their natural firming. Compared to surgical procedures like facelifts, transbuccal massage offers a less invasive approach. There’s no risk associated with anesthesia, scarring, or extended recovery time. Its effectiveness is less enduring than surgical outcomes, but it can be satisfying and adequate for many.
  • Improved circulation: Transbuccal massage stimulates blood flow through the facial blood vessels. Increased blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. With improved circulation, the skin becomes more taut, firm, and radiant, with reduced signs of fatigue.
  • Relaxation: Transbuccal massage impacts the sensory receptors of the skin and muscles, leading to the activation of the parasympathetic system – the part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for relaxation and regeneration. Besides the physiological relaxation effect, the massage can also help reduce cortisol levels – the stress hormone, contributing to an overall sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Swelling reduction: Massage, through gentle pressures and movements, stimulates the lymphatic system, responsible for removing excess fluids and toxins from the tissue. Swelling reduction can lead to more defined facial contours, a reduced sense of skin tension, and an overall better skin appearance.

Who is Transbuccal Massage recommended for?

Transbuccal massage is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking non-invasive methods to improve the appearance and condition of facial skin. This treatment can achieve deep facial muscle relaxation, improve circulation and skin appearance, and correct certain aesthetic defects.

Where transbuccal massage is beneficial:

  • High facial muscle tension: Individuals dealing with high facial muscle tension, often resulting from stress or facial habits, can benefit from deep relaxation and release. Transbuccal massage is effective in reducing excessive muscle tension caused by stress factors or excessive mimic activity. With deep tissue penetration, this technique stimulates muscle fiber relaxation, alleviating discomfort and improving skin elasticity.
  • Facial swelling: The massage aids in lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling. Using the transbuccal technique enhances lymphatic drainage, making toxin and excess fluid removal from subcutaneous tissue more effective. This results in reduced swelling and improved facial contours.
  • Flaccid skin: Thanks to stimulation and improved circulation, massage helps in skin toning, especially beneficial for those dealing with loss of firmness. The massage’s impact on the skin’s collagen and elastin structure is evident through intense circulation stimulation. This stimulates regenerative processes, increasing collagen and elastin production, leading to skin firming and increased elasticity.
  • Dull, tired complexion: Improved microcirculation during the transbuccal massage enhances nutrient delivery to skin cells, making the skin more radiant, taut, and nourished.
  • Aged skin:it helps improve skin firmness, reduce wrinkles and gives lifing effects.
  • Lack of facial contours: Transbuccal massage improves the firmness and elasticity of facial muscles, promoting clearer and more defined contours, especially in the jaw and jaw-neck line area.
  • Headaches: This technique helps relax neck and facial muscles, potentially reducing tension-related headaches. Additionally, the massage positively affects the nervous system, contributing to an overall relaxation state.

Each of the above benefits indicates the versatile application of transbuccal massage. However, it’s crucial to remember that effects depend on individual skin and body properties, and the frequency and quality of treatments are key to achieving optimal results. It’s always a good idea to consult with a qualified therapist or cosmetologist before starting a series of treatments. Transbuccal massage is an excellent solution for those who want to care for their facial skin naturally, without undergoing invasive procedures. However, it’s essential to remember that results might vary depending on individual predispositions and the patient’s skin condition. It’s also crucial for the procedure to be performed by a qualified and experienced therapist.

Transbuccal Massage – Contraindications

For many cosmetic procedures, there are certain contraindications to transbuccal massage. It’s recommended to avoid this massage in the case of recent facial surgical procedures, active oral infections, or inflammatory conditions of facial skin. Always consult a specialist before deciding on the treatment.

If you desire naturally rejuvenated and firm skin, the transbuccal massage and forehead and eyelid lifting program are what you need. Visit us and see for yourself how much you can benefit. Take advantage of this revolutionary method and feel beautiful.

Treatment time

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